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This is the official website for Nicotine Anonymous World Services. Any unauthorized website using Nicotine Anonymous' name and providing information, opinions, literature or outside links to other websites are not and have not been approved by Nicotine Anonymous World Services.


Change Request Form

Meeting information submitted here is not immediately posted. Please allow up to ten days to see your changes.

SECTION 1:Meeting Information Published In the worldwide Meeting Directory

The information you provide us in Section 1 will be published in the Worldwide Meeting Directory. Please be as complete as possible. Remember to include special instructions (such as room numbers). For new meetings, leave Group# blank. If possible, please provide two contacts for your meeting to make it easier for prospective members to contact someone from your group. Also, since we do not publish last names, do not list a work phone number unless your company is small enough that a caller can reach you using only your first name.

Group#(As Listed In Worldwide Meeting Directory)
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Additional Information
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SECTION 2: World Services Contact Person

(The World Services Contact Person is a member of your group designated to receive correspondence from Nicotine Anonymous World Services by mail, e-mail or telephone. Section 2 information is kept confidential.)


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SECTION 3: Information Published on Our Pages

(The official Nicotine Anonymous web site also offers a listing of meetings. Currently, we list only the meeting day, time, location and address. In the future, however, we may also list a phone contact or e-mail contact for groups in cases where we have been specifically authorized to do so. Section 3 should be completed only if there is a member or members of your group that are willing to have their phone number or e-mail address made available on the Nicotine Anonymous web site. Please be aware that we cannot possibly control who has access to our web site. As a result, by listing your phone number or e-mail address below, you may possibly receive unwanted solicitations, junk e-mail or worse.)

IMPORTANT!!! Please read above warning before completing section 3
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You may publish my email address on the official Nicotine Anonymous website. (Please select Yes or No.)
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You may publish my phone number on the official Nicotine Anonymous website. (Please select Yes or No.)
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